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The combined practice of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture is the longest continually practiced health care system in the world.  Chinese medicine is a comprehensive and highly effective medical system, which has undergone thousands of years of constant development and testing.

The origin of Chinese Herbal Medicine shares it’s roots with the same mythical figure that is credited with the discovery of tea, Shennong (“The Divine Farmer”). Shennong is a legendary ruler and cultural hero of China who is credited with, amongst other things, teaching the ancient Chinese their practices of agriculture and the various uses of plants as medicine over 5,000 years ago.   In honor of Shennong’s discovery of Chinese herbal medicine, one of the seminal texts regarding medicinal plants and their properties bears his name: Shennong Ben Cao Jing (”The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica”).

The Shennong Ben Cao Jing was complied during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).  It was also during this era that another one of the most eminent and revered physicians of Chinese medicine lived and worked, Zhang ZhongjingZhang Zhongjing is extremely well known in modern Chinese medicine and considered one of the finest Chinese physicians in history. Dr. Zhang’s masterpiece, Shang Han Za Bing Lun, consists of two books, the Shang Han Lun (“Treatise On Cold Damage“), a manual on the treatment of illnesses that arise as a result of exposure to environmental factors, and the latter, the Jingui Yaolue (“Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Cabinet”), which is regarded as a main discourse on the treatment of internal diseases.  To this day, the Shang Han Za Bing Lun remains amongst the most influential works in the history of Chinese medicine. Thus, it has become a fundamental textbook for medical study in later generations, and is still highly valued by both medical students and clinical doctors to this day.

At Nirvana Tea & Herbs, it is our mission to offer our customers all the knowledge and strength of traditional Chinese herbalism in an environment and context that is 111% modern and American.  We defy the notion that Chinese herbal medicine has seen better days, that its benefits were best understood by another people in another time, or that somehow it can’t be “modern medicine”. As the torch of classical Chinese medicine is passed on from generation to generation, it is the responsibility of those receiving the knowledge to provide the fuel necessary to keep the information vital and relevant to the times.  Certainly, when it comes to rock ‘n roll music, a common recurring theme involves “bucking the status quo”.  We see many Americans in need of affordable and accessible healthcare that achieves results.  So here we are, ready to shake up and rattle the 20th century version of health care in America, and roll classical Chinese medicine into the 21st century.

Services Offered:

Herbal Formula Consultation - $40 (cost of herbs additional)
Chinese herbal medicine makes use of formulas comprised of a number of different herbs which all work synergistically to restore the balanced functioning of the body.  The practitioner is trained to diagnose by taking a thorough health history, reviewing all body functions, and utilizing the traditional methods of tongue and pulse examination. The various findings are combined into a pattern diagnosis based on the observation of which body systems are in disharmony according to traditional Chinese medical theory. 

Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxabustion call for pricing & availability; most PPO insurance plans accepted
Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very thin needles in specific parts of the body to cure disease or alleviate pain. Because acupuncture is an entire system of medicine and not just one specialty, it can conceivably be used to treat any disease or disorder. Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate points on the body, but having acupuncture is nothing like getting a shot at the doctor’s office. You might experience a prick similar to a bug bite, though often, there is no sensation at all. Some people describe the needles as producing mild pain, or a gentle throbbing or rushing. Certain points can be more sensitive than others; we try not to use the painful points if we don’t need to, though there are times when they are the most effective. If you are sensitive to needles, let us know and we’ll make sure to balance your comfort with your health goals.

Professional Herbal Compounding Service  (prices vary according ingredients and amounts used)
Nirvana Tea & Herbs is a full service Chinese herb pharmacy, filling custom raw herb and granulated extract formulas by prescription for licensed healthcare professionals, their patients, and qualified acupuncture students

What does Chinese Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture treat?

Digestive Problems

Ulcerative Colitis
Crohns Disease
Dietary Allergies
Gynecological Problems
Menstrual Problems including:
Period pain
Ovarian Cysts/PCOS
Menopausal Problems
Infertility (Men & Women)
Mental-Emotional Problems
Stress, Anxiety
Back Pain
Stiff Neck
Frozen Shoulder
Tennis Elbow
Knee Problems
Arthritic Conditions
Sports Injury
Respiratory and Immune System
Common Cold
Weak Immune System
Skin Conditions
Urinary Disorders
Interstitial Cystitis
Low Energy/Chronic Fatigue